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3 januari 2013 Namaste !! greetings from Nepal !! I am forwarding you the email of Deependra Kharel (manager of CHC) he has made a report of BAS program of Bhandara (camp and BAS supported by NOHS) Thanks and regards from CHCN Team ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Deependra Kharel Date: Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 1:47 PM Subject: Report of BAS To: Keshav Pandey , Rajendra Kharel Report on observation of “Brush at School (BAS)” programme The regular field visit of “Brush At School (BAS)” programme was done on January 3,2012. The detail of the observation is given below: •    Name of school:-Shree Rastriya Prmiary School •    Address of school:-Piple-8, Parsha, Chitwan •    Observed date:-2012/01/03 •    Observer:-Parmila Ghale, Dental Hygienist CHC Observation: •    Condition of toothbrush:-the toothbrushes of grade I and II need to be replaced. •    Condition of toothpaste: – they were in adequate amount, may be enough for a month. •    Condition of brush holder:-they were properly hanged and were clean. But some pockets were torn. They need to be replaced. •    Condition of taps: – there is only one tap due to which there’s problem in drinking water and also in drainage system. The water •    Condition of sanitary materials:-they are properly used. Observation summary: the materials are maintained very well. Both the teachers and students have given proper care to the materials. The principle informed us that the students are doing brush regularly and the teachers are co-operative to help the students. Despite that, the sanitation is not maintained properly. The toilets are not so clean and they don’t have proper  water supply for drinking purpose. Feedback (from school): we are very thankful to Community Help Centre, Nepal /Community Health Centre for organizing such programme on our school. We appreciate your regular observation and taking feedback of the programme from us. We need some cleaning materials for the sanitation and one water tank for proper water supply. We would be very thankful to your organization.   25 februari 2011 This report is from our Health assistant from CHC Mr Shankar Silwal. Dear sir, Namaste A report of School Health Programme at Shree Rastriya Prinary School, Piple Shudar Basti, Bhandara. We (NOHS/chcn) did a Free Dental Camp and School Health Programme at Shree Rastriya Primary School, Sundar basti last 4 months. We have been setting school health programme as brushing and hand washing programme at the school. Tooth paste, brushes, soap and other necessary tools were supply to school for the programme according to number of students. Our main aim is to improve oral health awareness among school children and the family, it is a vital part of life. We, CHCN, NOHS have been conducting many preventive and curative as well as promotive health services to the community and school for many years a a part at this school. This means that, Shree Rastriya Primary School, Sundar Basti has also supporting to our school health programme as well. Our close evaluation and communication with school family, they have strongly supported and doing such practices as well. Miss RAMA RAI and teachers has doing very kind support to children. This morning, I visited school at 9:30 AM. I took a rest just inside the school as a visitor first and observed the school activities. How wonderful!, students were brushing teeth very nicely without external motivation while I just entered the school. More or less they did tooth brushes before pray time. I was really inspired from their good habit. I didn’t do such kind of practices during my child life. Hope that they will have good health (teeth) and able to share their technique to parents, how important! I shared my heartly thanks to the school family for kind job and were discuss about the way of improvment of this programme. But, they have limited discipline activities, they were spitting anywhere and bit poor on hand washing technique because of aging, poor family background and environment. So they have needed more tooth brushing and hand washing technique. I did check up teeth of them by randomly and seen clean teeth. There are 240 students and more than 140 are girls. Children are coming to school from surrounding and belong in DALIT (marginalized family). Parents are workers /labor and they can’t read and write (illiterate). According to school some children need to back home for Launch (Morning foods) because food is not ready within 10. Thus the age of children up to 15 in class 5. We are going to share more tooth paste and brushes to them soon. The efficiency of brushes is not proper. So has needed to change soon. There is needed to set up a Tank for water reservoir. Water system is very good but not enough for full days. They are demanded to a new Gate and maintenance wall to preserve the school harmony. From my side to the school. More tooth brushing technique, hand washing to them, Regular supply tooth paste and brushes as well as soap. Basic First Aid medicines set up. They might be a wonderful and inspiration, who has visited school and see such practices directly. That practice is really gracefull.   12 december 2010 JANAKPUR  SCHOOL REPORT On 12 dec 2010 CHC manager went to the JANAKPUR SCHOOL to know about our program. He found that students are very happy with that program (Brush at school). Every day they came and brush their teeth in school. He talked with teacher also they give the guidelines for the students. The principle of that school told him that some other organization came in that school for a small picnic with student and they told to the student stay in your own place for food suddenly one of student stand up and told them stop first we have to wash our hand properly before eating THAT’S NICE. We are very happy because we give the good habit and attitude to them hope they become healthy and make their society healthy. I have attached some photograph with this mail of Brush at school program.   12 december 2010On 12 Dec. 2010 he also went to the shree national primary school parsa, bhandara to monitor about our programme. He found that students are very content with that programme (brush at school). They are on a regular basis brushing their teeth in school. He had meeting with teacher also they give the course of action for the students. Some photos of schhol are attached. Thank you with kind regards, Keshav

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